Poem, Inner Comfort



The tunes we built in our heads

Are those we’ve played over and over.

The creation of the negative images,

Born from words of others we’ve fended off,

Snuck back into our heads,

And hid away,

Camouflaged, in our mind.

Someone else’s opinion,

Put our dreams in shadow,

Their noise deafened hope.

Another search for self,

Reaching into memories,

To recover ambitions and extinguish self-doubt,

Reopened deep breaths and courage to believe.

The control lies within our minds,

To focus on the strength we possess,

And the feelings of knowing our own importance.

The pain of the past once gripped our confidence,

While clouds erupted from the pain.

Winds of inner comfort,

Will blow them away,

And sunshine will return to relight our chosen path.


© Rick Wyman Feb. 4, 2020

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