Poem, I Choose To Be Here


Though death has sought me

Several times at least.

I’ve prevailed as my will has possessed my strength

I’ve not let death decide my end,

While my decisions, and God

Have provided me a home on earth.

The distance to heaven is but a blink or breath.

To travel to such a height

Would be a choice to decline or accept,

When time tolls for the call to answer.

Those who feel love

With future joys in sight

May decline with vigor in their hearts.

Those who tire of dreaded days ahead

And think the rest to be

in the ending beats within their chest.

I’ve chosen the chance of future times

That may give me a place

to renew a sparkle of what I see.

So it’s here I wish to be,

Sharing the last ray of light that streams into view,

The things unfinished that I’ve begun,

And those I wish to begin anew

The love I feel now by my side.

I’ll not give up my chosen place

The place where breath warms love within.


© Rick Wyman 11/20/19

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