Can I Go With You Dad?


Most of us, at one time or another, have been pests to our parents, asking if we could go with them every time they left the house. I was no exception to that, as just about every time my father went out the door, or even told my mother he was planning on it, I asked if I could go. It was more like, “Can I go too?” I also recall there were more than one of those occasions that I regretted having spoken the question.

One of such times was when I asked if I could go with my father and Uncle Dave to the top of Saltash Mountain, to listen to a radio broadcast of the Red Sox baseball game. The reception was better there. I have no idea who the Sox were playing, but I do remember Continue reading

Poem, Dreams and Greens…


Decades have no sense of passing,

They blend like olive oil in salad dressing.

Some sinks and spends very little time,

Saturating into the leaves.

Flavors of life depend on who is tasting.

Life is much time spent breathing the aromas,

And contemplating its placement in the meal.

With the decades come love and memories,

Making new life out of happiness.

Making love and dreams out of being in love.

Searches that went nowhere,

Following maps with no destination.

We arrived here today,

Together, never really alone.

Taking decades, waiting without knowing,

When today would be,

Because it was always tomorrow till now.

Fresh greens and the new fragrance,

Of gently crushed peppercorns.

Spice and life blended to perfection.


© Rick Wyman

First Day of School


Sometimes it seems life presents a pattern of embarrassing situations. School was more than frequently a series of misunderstandings and misinterpretations. My teachers got a few laughs because I was so literal in my understandings of what was said, and I would often be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I remember being dropped off at the front door on my first day of school Continue reading

Present Moment


When writing a blog that often consists of episodes of my childhood, I find that I have difficulty staying in the present moment.  Many sources of psychological health say it is better for us to enjoy our lives if we stay in the present moment, rather than worry about our expectations for the future or dwell on negative events of the past such as divorce, loss of home and money, or injury from accidents etc.  Whatever the influence for the thought, it’s a drag on our ability to enjoy the day we are currently living in and can cause such a distraction that our present moment slips by unnoticed or passes us by without Continue reading