Poem, Dreams and Greens…


Decades have no sense of passing,

They blend like olive oil in salad dressing.

Some sinks and spends very little time,

Saturating into the leaves.

Flavors of life depend on who is tasting.

Life is much time spent breathing the aromas,

And contemplating its placement in the meal.

With the decades come love and memories,

Making new life out of happiness.

Making love and dreams out of being in love.

Searches that went nowhere,

Following maps with no destination.

We arrived here today,

Together, never really alone.

Taking decades, waiting without knowing,

When today would be,

Because it was always tomorrow till now.

Fresh greens and the new fragrance,

Of gently crushed peppercorns.

Spice and life blended to perfection.


© Rick Wyman

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