Poem…Rethinking My Devotions and Clover Tea



I don’t want to sit around, mixing my emotions.

I need to settle down, with my long days of devotion.

It’s been a life of watching, my ambitions reflecting,

Back into my eyes, too much time rejecting.

Sure to make myself smile, before this time is over.

I’m spending my next quite a while, making tea from clover.

There are people who make my heart’s desire

Satisfied as a cold man beside a roaring fire.

The chills I feel as I leave the bed,

Shake within me, like the fears I dread.

Never to look at a day that I wish be over,

Till I’ve wrapped cold hands around my tea of clover.

Strings counting time, strumming comfort for my today,

Sunshine soaking into me, more than just a ray.

Present moments erasing past distractions

Love for those guiding my heartbeat reactions.

Filling me so content, I’m no more a rover,

Smiling at love’s faces sharing my tea from clover.


© Rick Wyman

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