Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone. Healing- 2016


I would like to give thanks for being here now. I am thankful for the lessons I’ve learned from a disease that I had originally feared. The fear turned into acceptance of the responsibility for changing myself. I realized I had to gather the tools necessary to rebuild my body and dismantle the disease one day at a time.

“A blessing in disguise” is a phrase I have heard many times. Cancer has had many clever disguises, and my experience with it has caused me to reexamine my thoughts and habits. I have been very analytical about what may have caused it, and why it attacked my seemingly healthy body. I had originally thought I was doing the right thing, and leading a fairly healthy lifestyle, but evidently something wasn’t right.

I thought about my happiness at this stage of my life with a great little family and how fortunate I am to have them and our home together. Too often the dreaded disease made me worry about going nowhere, like looking at my life with mud on my glasses. It seemed too much like gloom and doom. Little by very little I began to change my attitude about the situation. My wife cleared my vision and our baby made me listen to joyous sounds. It became easier to pick up my head and soon I started speaking about the positive side of what had occurred in my body and mind.

There are many survivors and their testimonies of healing while using natural therapies.  These are a great part of my day to day blessings. My wife reads positive thinking books to me on our way to and from our little picnics and family outings, which is an uplifting and attitude changing aspect of my healing that I did not anticipate. I began revisiting my goals and wishes, especially the ones we share. This became the fuel for belief in my genuine ability to heal my body; Truly a blessing in disguise.

For many years I’d privately wished that I could bring myself to actually eat out of necessity, and primarily for nutritional fulfillment, much like most creatures in nature do.  I wanted to drop the cravings for taste and satisfaction of being full from large quantities of food full of empty carbohydrates. I wanted to be free from giant servings of bread and pasta. No more sugar filled desserts or processed foods. I came to realize that I have been given the chance to look at food for it’s nutritional value, learning how it would benefit my body and mind in a sustaining way.

Another blessing that has come out of this experience, is having our child learn all about nutrition at an early age, which I hope she’ll continue throughout her life.

We are blessed with our true friends who came to offer help and support in our journey toward healing. Those with positive messages rather than negative criticism seem to be sticking with us, and reinforcing the hope for a great outcome. We have less invites to parties or holiday gatherings that are centered around food because of my need to be diligent in my dietary regimen, but it’s a blessing that I now center my visits around friendship.

I have happier thoughts and seek to manifest good things in my future. I am happy with who I am, and have a new sense of optimism about what is to come.

Rick Wyman ©


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