Fragile Breath


Life is so uncertain,

Even when it’s fun.

At any time the curtain

Comes down, the rope undone.


Dreams fell below the sky.

The rain drenched my sleeves

My heart beat asking why

Ultimately everyone leaves.


Hope wrapped up like a gift

Dreams awakened with a smile.

Traveling in my mind, a lift,

Images of endless miles.


I lived it beyond reality,

Again put my faith in fun.

Never boredom or neutrality.

Then came evil from a gun.


People dropped to the ground

Friendly eyes closed in terror.

Never lips to utter sounds.

Death followed me in error.


Love dimmed but not erased,

No price to pay for being here.

I looked that evil in the face,

Breath stolen by rounds of fear.

© Rick Wyman 2/15/18

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