The Day Came With Its Own Reason



The day came with its own reason,

Its own clouds and sparse rays of sunshine.

I watched it happen from the mountain top.

There were anticipations of where I’d be later,

But for now, it was all about the light.

Chills were shaking my shoulders.

My hands clenched after rubbing them together,

I should have brought gloves.

Pockets, a good substitute as long as I sat still.

Pondering my view, and absorbing light,

I created my own scene and wondered what others see,

From their own perspective.

What’s the reason their day is starting now?

Mine still hasn’t revealed to me.

Maybe others conferred with God before waking.

Perhaps their prayers were heard and granted.

Again, cold hands search for comfort, they feel desperate.

Sunrise halo sneaks around the cloud and peeks back at me.

I’ll be warmer soon.

Positive thoughts gain entry,

By squeezing past pessimism.

There in front of me, a day created by God,

And yet I still thought it was separate.

The sun teasing my eyes along,

And my thoughts insisted on waiting for a reveal.

I drifted back to yesterday and pondered it.

There had been voices, and there had been hope.

Conversations and time to analyze friendships.

I had participated in the day and slept through the night.

No one here, as my questions float away on chilled breath.

The day is speaking back to me,

To give its reason for being.

A gift of realization.

It is my choice, my willingness to pursue a partnership of life.

Share the light, and use it to create happiness within myself.

Bring love and hope into my heart, and be glad I am here.

The day gives healing, my hands warm,

While I reach out in appreciation,

A gesture of thanks.

From now on, each day will have its reason, and share it with me.


© Rick Wyman

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